Straw Sleeve

Straw Sleeve


Carry and protect your reusable straws with these handy straw sleeves. Available in both a hemp denim/organic cotton blend, or cork fabric. Pair your new reusable straw sleeve with a reusable straw and cleaning brush, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate reusable straw kit.

Cork is renewable and the fabric is waterproof, machine washable, and is inherently anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. The cork sleeve is finished with a brass snap closure to keep your straw fully protected when you're on the go. 

Care: Machine washable; lay flat to dry

Hemp Denim: 9.75” long/fits 9.5'“ straw

Cork Fabric: 9.25” long/fits 8” straw

*reusable straw and cleaning brush sold separately

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