Silicone Koffie Straw

Silicone Koffie Straw

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Keep your teeth pearly white while still feeding your coffee addiction with this genius reusable straw. Designed specifically for hot beverages, the flat shape fits perfectly through a coffee lid and because it’s BPA and lead free, you can sip without worrying about ingesting toxins.  

  • Oval shape fits travel cup lids - Works for coffee, tea, & even hot chocolate

  • 100% Silicone - Safe for using with hot drinks - Plastic straws will leach BPA and lead under hot liquid temperatures

  • Fits nearly all size coffee cups, mugs, travel mugs (Yeti, Tervis, KeepCup, Tumbler)

  • Silicone is non-stick!.. so they're super easy to clean!

  • Dishwasher friendly

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