Cloth Wipes Concentrate

Cloth Wipes Concentrate

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Use with cloth wipes for a thorough clean during a diaper change. Organic & natural, handmade in the USA.

  • Concentrated (Makes 24-48 Batches!)

  • Vegan / Nut FREE / Gluten Free

  • Add to spray bottle for on the go!

  • Comes in recyclable glass

    Cruelty Free (Ingredients & finished products NOT tested on animals

Ingredients: (all organic - where applicable) Extra virgin olive oil, witch hazel (non-alcohol), ELEVATED liquid Soap, essential oils of: orange, lavender & tea tree, vitamin e-T50, rosemary oil extract

Directions: Add 1-2 tsp. to 32 ounces of water, stir or shake gently. Spray on wipes as needed.

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