About Us

Owner and founder, Allie Emerick.

Owner and founder, Allie Emerick.


Bring Your Own is conveniently located in Agora Downtown Market, a community of businesses under one roof. We offer a wide range of zero waste products and bulk refills to help you on your zero waste journey!

Started in a renovated 1975 Airstream trailer, Bring Your Own was begun to bring awareness to the amount of waste that is created in our communities on a daily basis. The idea began with friends and family members who often noticed and commented on how Allie (owner & founder) would always have a mason jar, bamboo utensils, a to-go container of some sort, and more when they would go out together. She was inspired to begin teaching zero-waste classes and workshops in the Harrisonburg community. The response was positive, and Allie knew she had to turn her passion into something bigger.

We live in a time where single use disposable products are the norm, and reusable products are inconvenient. The name Bring Your Own is meant to encourage people to do just that...bring their own reusable products!

In addition to our shop, we offer zero-waste classes as well as home and business consultations.


Our Mission

At Bring Your Own, our mission is to inspire and educate others to reduce their waste and plastic use by providing practical and sustainable, non-disposable products. Bring Your Own is committed to providing customers with quality products that are practical for every day use.

Plastic Free

We know that it is nearly impossible to avoid packaging all together.  At Bring Your Own, we ask wholesalers to to ship products completely free of plastic. Any paper and cardboard packaging that is used to get products to our store is either reused or properly recycled. Every detail of the operation of Bring Your Own, from the smallest packaging detail, to our humble beginnings in an upcycled Airstream trailer, is focused on our mission to reduce waste.

Do Your Part

When shopping, we simply ask you to bring YOUR own! We encourage reusable shopping bags, jars, containers, etc. to make sure that no extra packaging leaves our storefront. If you purchase something in an unavoidable package, you are welcome to leave the packaging with us, and we will take care of it!